High environmental value cold

Cold production systems that use

water as refrigerant


Environmental efficiency for district cooling.


Environmental efficiency for datacenter cooling.


Environmental efficiency for snow production.

A disruptive technology

Alpinov X is an innovative company that proposes a system to produce cold.

Under vacuum. In order to be able to use water as a natural refrigerant.

Using water. So that it does not generate any pollution or risk.

A high performance turbo-compressor. Which minimizes energy consumption.

Using water as a refrigerant has many advantages

First of all, water is an available and economical fluid.

This allows logistics to be simplified.

This results in reduced operating costs.

Of course, no impact on production and end of life.

So no risk associated with new regulations.

Water is a sustainable solution at low cost.

In addition, no impact on the ozone layer and greenhouse effect.

Cumulated with an exemplary life cycle.

This makes water the fluid with the lowest environmental impact.

Our systems are not subject to any safety regulations.

Thus, commissioning and maintenance are facilitated.

Costs related to regulatory obligations are reduced.

Finally, a “best in class” COP.

Top performance.

Under control electricity consumption.

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Alpinov X

Young Innovative Company created in 2017.

Cold production systems with high environmental value.

Water as a natural refrigerant fluid (R718).


Alpinov X
176 rue de la Cuche
38113 Veurey-Voroize, France

+33 (0)9-67-59-81-50

Chez Alpinov X  nous sommes pionniers dans l’utilisation de l’eau (R718) en tant que fluide frigorigène dans un cycle fermé sous vide d’évapo–condensation pour produire du froid.


Bâtiment C
62 rue Louise Drevet
38360 Noyarey